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This website is dedicated to those (living or deceased) persons named Kevin Shea. There are many of us in the world, but only one domain name. So I decided to develop this website as a dedication to those those of us who fit into this description.

Kevin meaning "kind, gentle, handsom" and derived from the old Irish name Cóemgein is a fairly common name with a variety of geographical usage (English, Irish, French, German, Dutch and Scandinavian). Shea comes from O'Shea (also O'Shee) and the old Irish O'Seaghdha. Some geneology websites claim there are more than 100 people named "Kevin Shea" currently living in the U.S. I don't have good numbers worldwide, but it looks like the highest ratios for the surname Shea fall in Ireland, Canada and the U.S., in that order.

There are many of us yes, so if you know a good candidate that should be listed, please send me a note using this form.


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